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Do people often get under your skin?

Maybe someone says something you don’t like…

Whether it’s with a partner…

A friend…

Or even a stranger…

They trigger your emotions and you feel your blood boil.

And things quickly escalate out of control.

You both say things you didn’t want to say.

If you can relate, don’t beat yourself up.

You’re only human.

Yet, letting your emotions get the better of you can destroy relationships…

It can break apart families.

It can cause trauma in your children…

They grow up with parents who can’t give them the love and support they need.

It can end friendships that have lasted years…

It can make siblings grow old without talking to each other ever again.

What’s worse, it can stop you from being at peace with yourself, happy, or fulfilled.

You’ll always be at the mercy of what others say and do.

After all, if people can make you angry, they have control over you.

They can pull your strings when they want.

However, when they can no longer push your emotional hot buttons…

You gain strength.

Once you learn how to master your emotions…

It doesn’t matter what people say.

You’re always in control.

They won’t be able to trigger you.

You can maintain your grace in the heat of the moment.

You’re like Neo in the Matrix. You can dodge any words they fire at you.

And instead of things escalating…

You’re both able to find common ground…

And replace your anger with love and understanding.

This is a special ability few people possess.

You may think it’s hard to do this…

But with the right tools it’s easier than you think.

In fact, all it takes are 4 Emotional Mastery Skills.

Find out what they are in this third video presentation on mastering your emotions.

Watch it above now.


Being unaffected by the words and actions of others gives you a sense of freedom.

You dictate how you respond in any given situation…

Not anyone else.

Watch this short presentation before it gets taken down.

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    38 replies to "How to Master Your Emotions (Video 3) – LIVE VSL STAND-IN"

    • Isaiah

      Thanks for sharing Matthew’s story. It hit home for me.

    • Carter

      My father buried his feelings and emotions in drinking. He did so for years until my mother couldn’t take it anymore and left. I’m trying not to repeat his mistakes and be more communicative. That’s why your course is so important to me.

    • Nicholas

      I don’t see any button beneath the video. What do I click?

      • David Tian

        Just fixed that! Thanks for pointing it out. It appears about halfway through watching the video 🙂

    • Luke

      Does this program work for women as well? In our relationship, I am the one that’s more open and her first reaction to a crisis is to hide away her feelings.

    • Khloe

      I loved Matthew’s little story. I’m so glad things ended up well for him! It’s so nice to know his wife was super ok to be the provider for some time to help him follow his dream. I wish we were all like that!

    • Josiah

      Unfortunately whenever a bad emotion takes hold of me it’s so darn difficult to control myself or change my behavior. It’s like I go on autopilot for some time and can’t think straight.

    • Carson

      I’ve learned a few important things from these few videos you posted in the past days. I can’t imagine what I can learn from the actual course.

    • Adam

      Life is like a circle. Everything connects to everything. The more you hide away inside hoping to fix things the more others will abandon you and things won’t be fixed but get worse. The more happiness you put out there the more you get back. The more you open yourself the more others around open up to you.

    • Brianna

      Listening to Matthew’s story makes me wonder why men (or most of them) don’t just talk about stuff? Why do they hide these things away from their girlfriends and wives?

    • Nathaniel

      Oh how I wish I could lift myself out of the darkness. It seems so impossible to do when you are drowning in sorrow…

    • Jaxon

      How much happier would we all be if we’d only work on the things we love (just like Matthew loves gaming)? If we wouldn’t “have” to get to work but “get” to go to do the work we love doing!

    • Brody

      I hate that feeling of not knowing what to do and because of that you just lose yourself in meaningless distractions. Lately that’s how I feel and it’s not pretty at all.

    • Xavier

      The four skills you talked about sound intriguing. I haven’t worked on any (didn’t even know about two of them) but I am committed to taking the first step with this course. I’m seeing it as a map of where I need to go.

    • Noah

      You talked about more advanced skills but even these four seem like pretty advanced to/for me.

    • Parker

      My wife said we needed a break because she probably had enough of my self-pity party. I can’t blame her but I want to snap out of it and be a better man for her. Where do I start?

    • Cooper

      All those testimonials you’ve read give me hope that I can change and hopefully this program will help me.

    • Aaliyah

      My husband was very present when we met and almost a year after we were married. Then, something happened and he started drifting away from me. It’s like I’m slowly, but surely losing him and I don’t even know why. How can I convince him to watch your videos and give your course a try?

    • William

      What do I do if meditation is not my cup of tea? Where do I start? Can I do things differently?

    • Benjamin

      Emotional titration is something I have never heard of. It sounds like a wonderful skill to have and I think you need a LOT of practice to be good at this.

    • Mason

      Behavioral control – now this is one elusive beast at least for me.

    • Jayden

      How can I start to be more present at work and at home? What could I do? It might sound stupid but some examples would help a lot. Thanks.

    • David

      Would love to be able to increase my positive emotions and especially to decrease my negative ones at will. How in the world can one do that?

    • John

      I’m 40 years old and I know I’ve not been present a lot. I am either living in the past or the future. It has started affecting everything in my life to the point where it can all break if I don’t do something. I’m desperately hoping I can learn how to change from your EM course.

    • Lucas

      Why don’t people (men and women) just talk things out? Why do they hide their feelings away? Who are they kidding? And how does this help?

    • Christian

      Another great video, David! I can’t wait to try out your course. I’m hoping for good results!

    • Nathan

      My father was a hothead just like his father before him. And now I seem to be the same way but I want the cycle to stop. How do I do it?

    • Walter

      I get angry very quickly, triggered just like you said, by a lot of things. I hate it! I hate that I give away control to others but I just don’t know what to do in those moments!

    • Kyle M.

      Things will never go back and be simple again. Technology will not allow it. We need to learn to adapt to these new times. Love this series. You do amazing work and I hope this not only helps me but helps so many other out there. We all deserve love and healthy relationships.

    • Greg

      Not all women want to make more money than the man they are with but if you find one that is okay with it, you have to be okay with it too. I had this happen to me and I ruined an otherwise amazing relationship. I will never get that back and I regret it even to this day… But I am ready to get out there and try again. Try and find a meaningful relationship.

    • Frank Darson

      I think men (including myself) want to feel needed in a relationship and when we don’t, we often do not know how to address it. Similar the story you shared about Mathew. We live in a different time. Both men and women have careers and we have to accept that we can’t always be the provider for finances and that is okay. We can be there for emotional support and that is often more important to the modern woman.

    • Ian P.

      Some men are gifted with the ability to lead and it is amazing for them, for others we need to learn this and we need to be able to accept that we lead a much different team these days. I struggled as a manager at work until I found all your courses and it changed my life.

    • Samuel

      So much has changed with dating, I can’t even wrap my head around it. I seem to no longer be able to adapt to various changes. I was with the same woman for over 15 years and now that I am dating again, I am lost. I am hoping to gain knowledge and help through your work.

    • Nancy

      I introduced your work to my brother who had been struggling to have a solid relationship. He wanted the wife and kids but relationship after relationship, things would end and he would be left even more discouraged. His relationships became more toxic and shorter as time went on. When he finally started listening to you and following your guides, it was like a light went on in his head. He is now happily married with a kid on the way and it was all thanks to you!

    • Bryan M.

      I will be honest, I hate modern dating. I hate meeting women on apps. The hookup culture is everywhere and the worst part? Even women willingly participate in it so it makes it even harder to find a real connection. Do you have any advice for that? How to avoid it?

    • Chris

      NVC helped me a lot. Anytime someone was unhappy with me for any reason, I would immediately get angry and raise my voice. I would never hit anyone but I was quick to anger and I never realize how badly that was hurting my relationships with women. Such a game changer.

    • Adam Pearson

      I am taking you up on that risk free offer. I have nothing to lose at this point. I have a relationship that I want to save and I know if I don’t make changes with myself, it will end. I know she is half way out the door. I am hoping I can turn things around with your help.

    • Luke

      I have watched several of your other series and have gained help from them. This one I just started today. Can’t wait for the next video. I have already learned so much about myself and I feel I am more prepared for the modern dating world. I was stuck in the past and I see that now.

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