What Do Modern Women Want In A Man?

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Things have changed fast in recent decades.

In your grandparents' time, men weren’t expected to do household chores.

And it was strange for a woman to have a job.

Now things are different.

Some men stay at home and look after the kids…

While women go out and work each day.

This is progressive for society.

Yet, few people realize the devastating impact this has had on men.

Because of the change in gender roles…

How men approached relationships before is a mismatch for modern times.

In the past it was simple.

If you had a good job, you already ticked most of the boxes.

Women who wanted to raise a family would see you as an ideal husband.

Today, many women already have stable jobs or financial security…

So their needs have changed.

If you think all you need to do is grow your career…

Build an attractive lifestyle…

And get into decent shape to attract women…

Then you’re sadly mistaken.

This is a “stone age” approach to modern dating and relationships.

What worked a few short decades ago doesn’t cut it any more.

The rules have changed.

This is why you’re likely confused and frustrated with women.

However, it’s not your fault.

You’ve been navigating your relationships with an out-of-date map…

You never realized the landscape is different.

Few men do.

This is why there are such high rates of divorce nowadays.

So many guys are single.

Many of whom will never marry or have a family of their own.

The good news is, psychologists have seen where men are going wrong.

They’re going in the wrong direction.

You think you have to be alpha…

To put on an act to impress women.

Yet this is the opposite of what women these days actually want.

So the harder you try, the more you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

What women women want now, more than ever, is connection.

The problem is, if you’re like most guys…

You’re clueless about how to do this.

So you go from one failed relationship to another…

Or you may even find it almost impossible to get into one in the first place…

You end up being more lonely and depressed despite your best efforts.

I want to help you have an intimate relationship with intense passion and deep connection with a loving woman.

It’s easier than you think.

Watch this video above to find out how.

What you’re about to see will change your relationships…

Both your ability to get into one… and the quality of them.

The future of your relationships depends on you knowing this.

Watch this video while it's still available!

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    53 replies to "What Do Modern Women Want In A Man? (Video 1) | Live"

    • Mason

      I had to learn the hard way that being a false me will only lead to a false relationship. If it’s based on lies it won’t work, it won’t last.

    • Jordan

      We will never solve anything if we’re armed and angry (like you described many women to be nowadays which is a fair assessment). We can never get anywhere if we’re not coming at it from a calm place.

    • William

      I am one of those men that is very happy with a woman that is a caretaker. She doesn’t need to be anything more to make me happy. But she seems to want to be more and I’m ok with that. But now she wants me to be a lot more as well and that’s proving difficult to do.

    • Brandon

      The way the media keeps presenting things it’s like it’s not okay to be and act like a man anymore…

    • Daniel

      Can we really blame women for wanting to be more than just a companion to their men?

    • Alexander

      Yes, the gap between what women want and what men offer seems to have gotten wider. I think it’s all our fault this is happening. Let’s not just blame the media for this although they are surely to blame for part of it.

    • Owen

      I am clueless about how to change and what I need to change into. I have no idea.

      • David Tian

        Then watch this video series very closely, Owen! 🙂

    • Wyatt

      Why can’t they appreciate us for who we are? Why do I have to change who I am just so I get a chance at dating women?

    • Aaron

      Thanks for the video, David. It answered a few questions I had and it also made me want to ask a few new ones.

    • Julian

      I don’t know if it’s possible to master my emotions. Sometimes it’s so hard to even wake up in the morning. I would settle for a good day, where my emotions are stable enough.

    • Jack

      Women -> be less resentful and more effective in their relationships
      Men -> be more present and be willing to change

    • Liam

      I know the 50s aren’t coming back but why do (some) women hate men? Why do they ask so much of us? It sometimes seems like we’re just some brainless pieces of meat that need to be taken care of by women.

    • Joshua

      I wish I had a road map to know where I should be heading and how to get there.

    • Matthew

      I just recently realized that we (as a society) can’t turn back time or go back in time. It won’t happen. Things are as they are and we need to try and adapt or be left in the dust.

    • Isaiah

      Men and women are probably more depressed than ever. This is especially true after the pandemic has hit us all. We’ve been isolated and it shows.

    • Elijah

      I want to know how I can be there for my wife and I mean really be there, with mind and body. I don’t know how to do that.

      • David Tian

        Perfect, Joshua! Then you’ll love the rest of this new series, too!

    • Nicholas

      Emotional closeness is something so many men don’t understand at all. And how could they? Who taught them this? Their parents? How, when they didn’t even understand it themselves?

    • Anthony

      It’s been a few years since I “decided” that time needs to reverse or at least that’s what I thought should happen. I realize I was acting stupidly and was afraid of having to change myself. I am ready to try and at least start a process of change.

    • Jayden

      I want to meet a woman that likes me for who I am. The loneliness is killing me.

    • Noah

      How can I give a woman a higher level of emotional connection and intimacy when I don’t even understand what that means? I was raised in a certain way and it’s so hard for me to change.

    • Andrew

      Yep, unfortunately many women have started acting badly towards men because they are tired of the old ways of doing things. Is it okay for women to do this? No, but I do understand why this happens.

    • Michael

      I agree with what you said David. Men are just not prepared for that level of intimacy that some women are asking for right now.

      • David Tian

        Come back for video 2, because I lead you through the first principle for doing that!

        • JC

          You can if you and the other person can ignore the media and the societal pressures to think a certain way. Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not. Be who you are and let the chips fall where they may.

    • Aiden

      As a man I have no idea how to meet my own need for love, connection and fulfillment. I have no clue how to do that.

    • Felicia

      I understand that most men feel alone and don’t understand what women want of them. I do. The media and society puts a lot of pressure on men (especially now) and on women as well. We should act in a certain way and do this and that. Why? Why can’t we just be who we are and find people that are right for us? And that we are right for?

    • Nathan

      I don’t like those roles: man as breadwinner and woman as caretaker. I think men and women are much more than this and it’s time we changed the way we look at things.

    • Greta T.

      “Marriage was an alliance.” – boy, does that sound weird? I think marriage should be about love, about feeling great when you’re with him or her. Am I wrong in thinking this?

    • Ian

      That’s the secret isn’t it? Girls learn emotional intelligence as part of their socialization to become women. While boys don’t. So how can we expect men to understand it and act accordingly?

    • Bradley

      Things used to be so simple and now they have gotten so complicated. I understand part of the reasoning behind it but men and women need to be gentler with one another to be able to evolve.

    • Tom

      Men and women are and should be equal but they are not the same. Not by a long mile. Men and women are very different and we need to celebrate those differences not try to change them.

      • David Tian

        Hey Noah, keep watching this series! You might be surprised what you can learn.

    • Eric

      When we started dating (and a few years afterwards) we were so happy! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find such a loving, beautiful and amazing partner! But now, I don’t seem to understand my girlfriend anymore. She keeps telling me I don’t care about her feelings and I just don’t know what to do to make her happy.

    • jahvee palmer.

      yes i strongly believe evert word you have said in the video,
      you couldn`t have said it better,
      we men really have to understand
      that everything as change especially in this new era where women is concern, i call it the new age women, it seems to me though its moor like what women wants and not what we wants,
      any I’m anxious to see the next video!!

    • Rafael

      I agree with most. I find it hard not to get friendzoned when meeting the intellectual and ‘equal partnerships’ expectations. I’m struggling with escalation the last couple of years.

      PS I’m already receiving your emails. No need to double up 🙂

    • Martin

      Hello David
      One question. Does either RSR or FreedomU cover this topics you talk about?
      Thank you 😉

    • Dave B.

      I have struggled a lot with modern dating. I was married for 17 years. Found out my wife had cheated and we tried to make it work but it was just too broken. I got divorced and started dating last year. I feel a complete disconnect with modern women. I am hoping this series helps me better understand what is happening in the dating world these days.

    • Jason Kelly

      I don’t know if it was feminism or what but a lot of women of today who are on the dating market just have become headstrong. I feel like if I am too romantic or too honest, I suddenly become someone that is undatable. Not sure how to approach this.

    • Travon

      I discovered you in a Facebook group. A friend posted this video. I was blown away by the information you have shared and it really has opened my eyes to why I have felt a disconnect for modern women. I was raised in a very traditional household and so many women today, they are just not what I expected.

    • Larry M.

      Maybe it is just me but so much of this woman empowerment has created feminine toxicity. Women are openly toxic and proud of it so it is hard to find a trustworthy, loyal partner. I have no issue opening up and being more in touch with my emotions but so many of these women who claim to want a man like that, they shun me.

    • Sara

      I will tell you, coming from a very feminist circle, most modern woman don’t know what they want. It is because they are coming from a place that says they not only have to be better than men, they have to become men. I fell for this lie. We have reached equality but so many women have turned to toxic masculine traits that is it any wonder they can’t find the right partner? I think putting this all on men is not healthy either. When I stopped putting up this hard wall and the mindset where I was above men, I was able to meet real, honest, hard working men.

    • Paul Davis

      I feel like the dating world is a mess because women are acting more like men and men are being told to act more like women. This is not the case for everyone but it has been hard to navigate. Love your work and this video really opened my eyes.

    • Bryan

      I think technology plays a huge role in everything changing for the dating world. More than people realize. I am hoping you touch on that in this series. I feel like we have shifted away from true connections for empty ones, both men and women are guilty of this! I hope we better get a grasp on things.

    • Frank Belle

      My sister told me that modern women need different things than they did 100 years ago. I didn’t understand what she meant by this but it makes sense after watching this video. They have different needs mentally and emotionally because they are part of the workforce now and many of them have careers they care about.

    • Kyle M.

      You are a GENIUS! I have followed your work for a awhile now and I am so excited for this series because it is one I feel I needed. I am still young but I struggle with dating. I either find women who don’t want commitment (just fun) or they are overly clingy and want to be married by the end of the week. It is hard to navigate!

    • Shawn

      Dating in 2022 is a far cry from dating in 1992. It is crazy how much can change in just 30 years. I am open-minded and willing to learn. I have had so many failed relationships I am about ready to give up but I want to try at least one more time to put myself out there.

    • JeT

      Hey David,

      I realized that more men and women need to hear what you’re saying. I’d like to thank you for taking the time and effort to educate modern men and women about this new paradigm and how to navigate towards a happy, successful and lasting relationship.

    • Nicolai

      This was great stuff! Thanks!
      Can’t wait for the continuation! 🙂

    • Jafar

      I confuse to undestand my daughter paradigm, they are millineal born era,
      A lot of differences if compared parent paradigm. Thanks to your video,reveale mystery in my mind,big question inside.

      • David Tian

        Thank you for the appreciation, JeT!

    • chuck


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